Sara has worked as a Makeup Artist and Stylist for over 15 years. As a Color Specialist she has honed her gift to utilize color as a simple enhancement, or a complete transition into a fresh new look. Every beautifully applied color must be accompanied by a well crafted hair cut.Sara believes that successful client-stylist interaction requires more than just technical skill. In plying her craft, she takes the time to understand the personalities, style preferences, and lifestyle of her guests. She believes that truly listening to the desires, needs and goals of her guests is the key to her success.Of great importance to Sara is the clients’ ability to recreate a new look at home; educating the guest is instrumental! Including product, tools and technique, Sara will walk through the maintenance required of any new look.She also is an expert in formal styling. She has received the “Brides Choice” award several years running. She has been published as a guest “Expert Stylist” in MN Bride Magazine, and her work can be found featured in MN Ups Magazine,, OffbeatBride, BurdaStyle, “Stitchpunk”. Her experience and advanced education within the Bridal industry will not leave you disappointed.Her creative force has been felt within the industry, outside of the salon environment as well. She has had the privilege of working on site with a number of celebrities as they travel through town on tour, prepping them for television interviews, meet and greets, and autograph signings. In her capacity as a makeup artist and stylist, she has done a large number of fashion photo shoots as well as small runway production for local designers and photographers.Sara is truly grateful for the opportunity to challenge herself to exceed the high expectations required for role! Her drive and passion for making women look and feel amazing is evident in everything she does.